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Custom designed to fit:
Custom designed to fit:


Hi i received my Triboseat rear seat cover this morning and i tried it this afternoon on my Suzuki Bandit GSF 650 and it works great and so i have no more slipping and sliding with my fiancee as she was complaining that the standard seat was too slippy and she didn't feel very safe at all but thanks to the Triboseat that has all changed.

It was the best £12.99 that we have spent on an accessory for our motorcycle and thanks again for supplying a product which truly works and it's a shame that Suzuki doesn't put a bit more thought in to the seat covering design as this is one of the main flaws with this bike as otherwise it is a very good all round bike for the money.

I would imagine that many people will order the Triboseat from you as it is a well constructed and thought out design which you don't really notice that it is on the bike apart from the fact that you don't slip around all over the place when it is fitted over the seat which comes as a blessing as it was really getting annoying on long journeys.

Thanks again for a really good first class product.

Yours faithfully

Richard and Julie

(Two very satisfied Customers)



Thanks very much.

My order arrived on 3rd May.

I fitted it, very easy, no problems.

My pillion says it's the best thing I have ever bought for the bike and she is much more comfortable now it has been fitted.

Thanks once again for you service.

John Leaney


Thanks a lot!
In fact it is very good, my girlfriend has stopped sliding! ^___^ Tested today on a 200Km mountain-trip!



Thanks for the fast delivery.
perfect seatcover.

Thanks werner
The Netherlands